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MORRILTON, Ark. (March 11, 2016) – For 50 years, silence has reigned between the United States and Cuba. But warming relations between the two countries is now a hot topic — and Arkansas is poised to lead the conversation. On March 21-22, agriculture and Cuba will take center stage in Arkansas as Winrock International, the Winthrop Rockefeller Institute and The Howard Baker Forum convene The Cuba Consortium Agriculture and Food Roundtable on Petit Jean Mountain in Morrilton, Ark.


(December 14, 2015) — Fayetteville, Ark., was one of the best cities in America to found a startup in 2015, according to a ranking released this month. Tech startup DataFox had the popular college town No. 3 on their list of 15 cities outside of New York City or Silicon Valley. Winrock International, through the Innovate Arkansas program, has hosted a mentorship-driven accelerator program, The ARK Challenge, three times for technology startups in Fayetteville.

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For more than two decades, Winrock has been a leader in creating educational opportunities for children and youth, especially girls and boys at the margins of society. Our programs offer a variety of support — scholarships, mentoring, life skills training, literacy and numeracy training, community support, and policy advocacy. Where children and youth are out of school, we work on multiple levels to ensure that children can be safely withdrawn from child labor, human trafficking, commercial sexual exploitation, and other forms of abuse.

The tension between environmental and economic priorities has existed since the very first environmental concern was raised, and is one of the key issues at the heart of international and domestic climate policy.

Paris is the City of Light, and of love. And of a dozen TV shows in prime time where panelists argue about books. Seriously — a dozen. Paris just faced one of its most momentous challenges to French culture and values in the coordinated attacks on cafes and a soccer stadium and a concert hall. Now it is under assault again — by 40,000 delegates from 195 countries — which include not only country leaders and diplomats, but representatives from advocacy groups, the private sector and analytic experts all attempting to find just barely enough common ground to fill, say, 20 pages of agreed-upon framework text.

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Winrock International is one of four finalists for a prominent award recognizing outstanding public-private partnerships in the Asia Pacific region. The PublicAffairsAsia Gold Standard Award for Public-Private Partnership, sponsored by Hewlett-Packard, “reflects the growing importance of public private partnerships in areas such as health promotion, environmental protection and the delivery of public services,” according to

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When wars end and nations begin to rebuild, children are often faced with a battle on another front – the effects of conflict on their safety and education. The trauma of insecurity and displacement can have a severe impact on children’s ability to learn and cope with the demands of the classroom. This is particularly true for girls and children with disabilities.


The Wallace Center at Winrock International was recently recognized for its efforts to make wholesale markets more accessible to producers of all sizes—opening new doors and creating fresh growth opportunities for America’s small and mid-sized farmers.

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In many parts of the world, school can be a place of danger for both boys and girls. The disadvantages experienced by girls are particularly severe: they may face the threat of sexual violence and abuse on the way to or in school; a lack of adequate and safely accessible sanitary facilities; and the risk of early or forced marriage, which can cut short their education.

The latest round of U.N. climate change negotiations is quickly approaching. This round represents a significant milestone because it is the deadline for reaching a new international climate agreement. Winrock International is gearing up to actively engage — hosting sessions on the importance of forest degradation, as well as low emission development and land use. Winrock staff have been invited to speak at a number of additional side events to share their work and views on topics such as REDD+ and INDCs, standard setting, reference levels, and private sector finance in REDD+.